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Lotto Poker

Join Explosive for free and play Lotto Poker with odds far better than other lotteries. You do not need to know how to play poker to take part in Lotto Poker, this is a game for everyone. The tickets are €5 and the live draw is every friday.

Odds comparison

  • Explosive Gambling - 1 in 100 000 and then 1 in 20 to win the grand prize. Not a winner? 50% of the tickets gets a new ticket!
  • EuroMillion - 1 in 139 838 160
  • EuroJackpot - 1 in 95 000 000

Business Opportunity

Even as a free member you can introduce new members, and if someone you introduced wins a cash prize in the lottery you will also be entitled to winner bonuses (You will need to buy a ticket in the same game round to be qualified).

Explosive is a new shared business concept based around crowd and shared economy terms. Instead of the traditional approach where businesses build their brand through advertising, the members share Explosive with their friends. You can build your own business simply by sharing the business concept with your friends and family.

By upgrading your membership to a Premium membership you will be able to build your own business together with thousands of other premium members, working as a community and earning commission. To get access to the Premium membership you pay a one-time fee of €200.
The more friends we all invite, the bigger the jackpots will get!

Catch the opportunity and be a part of a brand new gambling concept. As Explosive grow more games will be launched.

Explosive Gambling Explanation

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Lotto Poker is a gambling concept based around 5 card draw poker with 52 cards in play, being played as a lottery. The lottery is played based on the rules of poker. You do not need to know how to play poker though, the only difference to a standard lottery is that you cannot chose your numbers. The combinations are dealt by a certified RNG (Random Number Generator). Besides this the lottery works just as any other lottery, with one major difference; More than 50% of the players will win a prize, from a new ticket in the next lottery round, to the mega prize where new millionaires are born.